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Regional Artist Spotlight


Welcome to Regional Artist Spotlight! This is the place you will find the best musical talent under the spotlight of the biggest regional players in the field of entertainment. Each month we will be featuring a new artist for you to get to know through exclusive interviews and give you the chance to listen to some of their latest tracks. We’re going to be bringing you music from across genres – think rap to rock and everything in between. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @RegionalArtistSpotlight for all the latest news and updates!


Unapologetically himself, Saudi A-pop artist Molham is on a mission to take Arabic pop-rap global. His flow, witty punchlines, pop culture references, and English-Arabic wordplay have made him one of the most exciting talents coming out of the Middle East. A born performer who isn’t afraid to tell it how it is, Molham is the kind of guy your brother turns up to, your sister’s into, and your mom would like to have over for ملوخية.

He launched his debut EP The Time Is Yesterday in March of 2018. With features from Egyptian starlet Malak and Minneapolis-native Yusra J, the project served as a window into Molham’s feelings about regret, manifestation and mood swings. The EP’s breakout single Me Against the World hit the top hip-hop charts in the Middle East & North Africa, trending across 7 different countries.

Raised in Ontario, Canada, Molham shifts between two polar identities — one day he’s eating كبسة on the floor of an uncle’s wedding, and the next he’s at a red carpet festival in Santa Monica. Inspired by his Middle Eastern culture and Western upbringing, he bridges both worlds through his songwriting, visuals and collaborations. Growing up, he spent high school Math classes writing rhymes.

He graduated with a degree in Finance and Economics from Georgetown University.



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