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Regional Artist Spotlight


Welcome to Regional Artist Spotlight! This is the place you will find the best musical talent under the spotlight of the biggest regional players in the field of entertainment. Each month we will be featuring a new artist for you to get to know through exclusive interviews and give you the chance to listen to some of their latest tracks. We’re going to be bringing you music from across genres – think rap to rock and everything in between. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @RegionalArtistSpotlight for all the latest news and updates!


As stage names go, Mougleta is certainly unique. The talented 25-year-old, was given the nickname Mowgli by her parents for sharing the same traits as the lovable Jungle Book character. Growing up, she recalls moving around a lot and not feeling like she belonged anywhere. The UAE-born singer has lived in Beirut, Boston, Dubai, Toronto and now, Berlin – with each city holding a special place in her heart. It is in these cities that she draws her inspiration – from music in taxis on the streets of Beirut, to the late-night rush of Toronto’s Entertainment District – Mougleta’s musical jungle tells empowering tales of heartbreak, happiness and dreams.



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